Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A. Wonderful world

Dancing with the stars. Valerie Harper what an inspiration she's dancing , tonight it is the season finale of the show as it comes to an end she fills me full of hope and faith and strength she keeps dancing she keeps hoping she shares with us. What an incredible performance. Valerie is an incredible woman she's just amazing , Valerie I love you.

As I prepare myself and Peter prepares himself for out new journey to Mayo Clinic on December 30 I have to say that tonight Valerie has lite a flame for me flame of hope . God dammit the strength I need to keep fighting I will   I will never ever give up I am a fighter I'm going to fight this I'm going to come home and enjoy my retired life and my new home with my wonderful husband. I am going and I will be over this health crisis. Be prepared  the old Susan will be back :)

Why else would I go to the best hospital in the world ? I'm going to get better and get rid of this fluid around my braiin and come home and be happy and spend a whole bunch of time in Palm Springs with my brothers Tom and Clyde!        Yes am inviting myself!

I have fired the contractor who has been working on the house in Covington. I called my dear old friend Ron Ziegler and he's going to help me he and his son and crew - there going to come and help us get our rehab done . So Peter and I can move. I am ready to move .

So please consider  this a pre entry into
Berylsjourneywithbreastcancer.blogspot.com/  I will faithfully lead you. Step by step as I enter the halls of Mayo clinic.

Happy Holidays. Life is good , I have the best friends and family. I also have the greatest knitting group that truly cares about me. See you soon XOXO

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Living With Cancer Linda and Susan

  • I don't usually do this but....It occurs to me that for each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. If you appreciate your friends from all over the world, go ahead and copy this into your status too, even if it's just for a minute. I'm going to be watching to see who takes care of the friendship, just like me. Thank you all for being a part of my life.
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Date: June 21, 2013, 10:53:15 PM EDT
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Subject: Linda Stewart commented on your status.
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Linda Stewart commented on your status.
Linda wrote: "Don't have a clue how to do that but since we've been friends over 50 years i am hoping you know by now how i think and so very right everything you said. i have said the same thing to friends and family with all the medical problems I have had. But you and I are friends forever and we are two strong women!! We are just happy to have today and tomorrow when we put our feet on the floor just say thank you god for today!! No one knows how long they have you just have to remember that and just live for today!!"
From: "Linda and Brian Stewart" <lnbstew@6thsensedesign.com>
Date: June 21, 2013, 10:59:02 AM EDT
To: "Susanpi" <susanpi@aol.com>
Subject: RE
In a message dated 6/19/2013 11:14:44 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, lnbstew@6thsensedesign.com writes:
Hi!! Great. how are you? Will not believe this. went to Europe in April and May 7th had cardiac arrest in Geneva, Switzerland. ended up with defibulater and was in the hospital for 10 days. Feel fine now and will start cardiac rehab (working out ) as soon as i can get prescription. Hope all is well with you. Did you move out of your home? where the hell are you now and starting a business you go girl!! Take care 
love, Linda
-------- Original

Date: Wed, June 19, 2013 1:19 pm
To: lnbstewart@6thsensedesign.com

Hi Linda OMG how scary that must have been. What happen how do you know when you have cardiac arrest?   Great that the fibrillate is working. How is Brian holding up?
I am moving out of my home, we are moving to the city. When i  found out I had excess fluid around my brain, which has been removed, but will likely come back. I decided I wanted to move to the city, Main  Strauss Village  which is right across the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati. We can walk across the bridge and be in down  town Cincinnati. The house is right smack dab in the middle of Main Strauss Village.
There is always something going on lots of shops and pubs, festivals all summer and fall.. People our age having fun. This is my new goal to have fun!. The last thing I needed was a  neurological problem!  I acted like I had a combining of  Parkinson  and I stroke. . So this Dr. is a Nuro-oncolgist who is at UC hospital who is working with my oncologist! LOL all these Dr's.  So I am no longer shaking and can carry on a conversation.
I feel great !  What is your prognosis  with your heart?
  xo sue

Hey Sue, 
Well we made it to retirement. He seems to think the fibrillate is working great and since i got it in Geneva it is not even approved yet in this country. Has all the bells and whistles. more than I need. You have no idea you just fall and by the time i hit the cobblestones my heart had stopped. It was stopped for 25 minutes and i am driving again and starting to work out next week. i am doing great. The place you are moving to sounds really neat. you are going to have  a great time. Can they keep taking the fluid out? You know we just enjoy life until..... That is what I have been doing and sounds like you are also. Are you coming to Fl this year? With congestive heart failure i can't take the heat real well but even Brian says I never did. I don't use any oxygen and that is just weird to the Dr's but I am not even going there. I am fine and so are you. Today  I woke up and put my feet on the floor. I just say thank you god for another day. Take care and keep in touch. let me know how your doing
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Subject: Re: Please send back - It's neat!
From: Susanpi <susanpi@aol.com>
Date: Thu, June 20, 2013 10:14 pm
To: Linda and Brian Stewart <lnbstewart@6thsensedesign.com>

Linda so it took them 25 minutes to revive you? Do you remember any of this. 25 Minutes?  Did you see any lights or that you died. Girl you are a miracle you have recovered from this twice. Amazing, You are so strong. I am so happy you survived this. I am proud of you you just keep fighting.

I will be good also if it builds up again they do another spinal tap and will do them as often as needed. As long as there are a couble of months in between. The worst thing that could happen is I may need.  A shunt. Depends on the pressure around my brain. Which is now 16 it should be 5 so it is a bit high , over 20 is dangerous high. The good thing is we now know what to look for. Linda I could not even carry on a conversation.  But I am back up and fighting. The two of us are fighting together;) xo  sue

Susan Ward
Imagination - What a wonderful thing!

On Jun 20, 2013, at 3:22 PM, "Linda and Brian Stewart" <lnbstew@6thsensedesign.com> wrote:
From: "Linda and Brian Stewart" <lnbstew@6thsensedesign.com>
Date: June 21, 2013, 10:59:02 AM EDT
To: "Susanpi" <susanpi@aol.com>
Subject: RE: Please send back - It's neat!
Reply-To: "Linda and Brian Stewart" < lnbstewart@6thsensedesign.com>

Remember when we were 12 and we used to go to the skating rink then walk to your house. I remember Paul Anka and Fabian on the walls. I know we drove both of our parents nuts. Of course we fight. That is our generation never give up. Just remember feet on floor thank you god for another day. 
Keep in touch.
Love, Linda xoxox
From: "Facebook" <update+my45gwan@facebookmail.com>
Date: June 21, 2013, 10:53:15 PM EDT
To: Susan Ward <susanpi@aol.com>
Subject: Linda Stewart commented on your status.
Reply-To: Reply to Comment <e+0r8aol6000000d352tq02ryhkh9lsc70000000000000000000000002dj1i@reply.facebook.com>
Linda Stewart commented on your status.
Linda wrote: "Don't have a glue how to do that but since we've been friends over 50 years i am hoping you know by now how i think and so very right everything you said. i have said the same thing to friends and family with all the medical problems I have had. But you and I are friends forever and we are two strong women!! We are just happy to have today and tomorrow when we put our feet on the floor just say thank you god for today!! No one knows how long they have you just have to remember that and just live for today!!"

Sunday, June 2, 2013

IT WORKED !!!!!!

Guess what? The procedure has worked -  immediately my speech was better, my hands shake some. but are much better. So one day at a time. The lab reports will be in just a few days and I am sure they will find out why this has happened. Thank you everyone for your support as I have traveled this very long journey. Now Peter and I are ready to follow this our life path we are going to make the most of retirement! 
I feel fabulous, I woke up this morning and realized my brain is back to normal. I sketched a sign for the gallery I am going to open in Main Strasse Village. Where we bought our new home.  "Fiber Art Gallery". I am so excited  ! I have two  friends that want to co-op and sell their good. A photographer who has some of her work in Ashland KY ,also   a knitter, jeweler and button maker. We will also have luxury hand knitted  items for sale along with fiber arts projects. Kathy is going to be a partner - searching salvage yards, second hand stores, yard sales for antiques and treasures.
The Worlds Largest Yard Sale - starts 8/1  it starts/ends one block away  from  our house and starts some where in Alabama..
 Everybody have a great day:)

Signs of Breast Cancer?Early  Signs of Breast Cancer

If a woman has been diagnosed with a simple breast infection, and that infection does not improve quickly (in a week or less) when treated with antibiotics, then the possibility of cancer should be considered.
Last Updated: 05/21/2007
Dr. Martee L. Hensley is a medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. About Dr. Hensley.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Spinal Tap To Day. Yikes!

Today is the day I head to UC For the first step in discovering, why I have extra fluid around my brain. They are going to drain this fluid with a spinal tap. Sounds scary Doesn't it ?
Being scared is something I'm not !I've always been strong and just plow right ahead with life. It has not always been easy but I can do it. I have been on my own since I was 15 years old . My family had some hard times and we all did what ever we had to do to survive! My brothers and I have lived our lives well and all of us have always reached out to help others, we are a strong family. 
I will let you know how this goes today! Should be interesting getting from the hospital to back. Home to my bed. I have to be flat on my back for 24 hours! Those of you that know me. Know I have a lot of energy - I think this might be an impossible task. However the though of Excruciating head pain encourages me to "just do it".
By Monday I should be clear headed and can help my great husband Peter as we prepare to sell our great cozy house and move into our new 1898 house which is right smack dap in the middle of The Village of Main Strauss. Aka Covington Ky also know    As  the Mason  Dixion 
Line. We can walk right a cross the bridge and we are in Cincinnati. Downtown Cincinnati right at the stadium right where the ohio side  has fun, thanks for all the restaurants and all the good things there.
Our little Village has its own fab  pubs and things to do. There is always music and lots of friendly people! A great place to retire. Very historical  with old German heritage 
 Peter and I are thrilled. 
I will up date everyone later today. XO

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scrambled brain relief is on its way

Good morning world I now have scheduled the appointment. time for the drainage of all that extra fluid I happen to have around my brain it will be next Friday at 1 o'clock at University of  Ciincinnati Hospital. This should bring aDiagnoses  for easy treatment of my scrambled brain. Edema is retention of water and I think that's exactly obviously what I Have. I have gained some weight which is  extremely unusual for me I am naturally thin and I'm   132 pounds , now I know that doesn't sound like  a lot of weight but for me it is my normal weight is around 119 -121.. This is not fun because I cannot fit into many of my summer clothes I feel like I look like I'm pregnant ha ha . I really Just look like a skinny old lady with a big pot belly. I really did not expect to be looney at thiis point in my life , but a lot of pressure on your brain makes you act a bit weird.pete
   And I are looking forward to moving to the big city of Covington Kentucky in the main Straus area where everybody has fun you can walk to restaurants and shops and bars and even to Cincinnati
You can hang out and talk to people you can do whatever you want my great niece Carly is even working part-time in one of our favorite hangouts .
Sorry For all the typing errors and punctuation I'm using  the microphone because my fingers just can't get the typing job done it's too hard to correct everything so here you go figure it out. The
Micro phone doesn't even understand me!I  Oh well I.
 still feel better than I have felt in years XO

Monday, May 20, 2013

Good News and Some Concerned

May 20, 2013

Good News and some concerned News

We  spent last weekend in Nashville at a wedding of Chris and Toni Deamon. It was fabulous  to  have some fun time with our Tennessee family.
On our way home we stopped at Tootsies Bar where Peter and I met 13 years ago, we celebrated our 12 anniversary. We had a great time and headed home very happy.

Monday morning Peter and I set off to UC  ( University Hospital of Cincinnati) for my brain and brain stem MRI.
We got out of the car Peter and I disagreed on how to get to the correct department. I got there first:) I asked for directions and got to walk through the old tunnels of the hospital. I saw all kinds of things like in  a horror movie where they put you in the Looney bin.. Peter finally found me!
Off  I went for these scans. I laid on  the scan table actually it was a brand new piece of equipment. A good thing. So in order to do this they had to start an IV and test my blood . No problem. At this point I am strapped down - I have ear plug and something like ear muffs over my ears and a mask of some sort . I could not move , I am certain I had the same mask on that they used on Hannibal Lector.
I could not move  - there was even a bar across my eyes.!

So they started the test  filled my veins with that magic potion that makes you glow. They pushed me inside the tube  and started with all these different  beeping sound. About half way through this hour procedure   they stopped. I was still in lock down. MY VEIN HAD MOVED.  They could not get my blood to flow.. I suggested they us a smaller needle.  Eventually they did use a smaller needle and we proceed and finished the test.

Three days went by and  Dr. Curry called me  (red flag time) The good news no sign of a stroke or cancer:) The not so good news is I have large mass of fluid around my brain, Did you know that there is some fluid always around our brains and as we age this fluid increases. My fluid  is as much as a woman over 85 should have.. YIKEES I did not like hearing this. They will have to do what they call a needle lumbar puncture to drain this. ( it use to be called a spinal tap) This should take place within a week.

Now, we know the reason  I am shaking , loosing my balance, falling and taking like I have had a stroke. This fluid is putting pressure on my brain. 

Dr. Curry just called me (did I tell you he looks like Peter Frampton?) The 50 year old Peter.
He went over what is happening and to tell me he  has an appointment tonight  with Dr. Bandari ( my other oncologist )  to discuss his findings.. I asked him if this is life threating he said "no".  There is also a medication to control the pressure if needed. This should be a piece of cake, compared to everything I went through in 2012.

 I feel great I have so much energy, other then the shaking which  effects with my typing being  horrid. I am blessed with lots of great energy. So what if my brain is scrambled - it will be fixed.

The girls and I are going to the beach  the end of July  to celebrate my Birthday and to say good bye to all this crap. Than we will go to the beach again for our annual labor day  vacation.
.Tom and Clyde  we hope you will be able to join us.
 xoxo thanks for reading my blog, thanks for the continued support, I love all of you

No one saves us but ourselves,
 No one can and no one may,
We ourselves must walk the path.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

You got my attention!

April 29.2013

Today I went  to see my family Dr. - only because she told if I did not come in she would not refill my prescriptions. We all know how that goes,. Peter went with me and I had a list of two items to ask her about.

1. Why do my hands shake all the time -( I have assumed it is because of all the hell my body has been through)

2. That I thought I was having some rapid heart beats and tightness  in my chest ( I am not sure if that is spelled correctly)

She questioned me a bit than started looking at my eyes ,ears and throat. After the awww thing she stopped. She stated your tongue is even shaking, your whole body is shaking. She wanted to know how was I able to sleep at night! LOL Well, I did not know my body was shaking and I take drugs to sleep!  So what is wrong?  Not sure- likely the chemo. I have all the symptoms of  Parkinson disease, except I am not stiff. So she does not think that Parkinson's is the problem. I am certain that I do not have Parkinson's.   I am also having some trouble with my speech :(.

My heart sounded alright, she ran an EKG , which only takes 30 seconds and transfers immediately to my chart. Ok- unfortunately it was not alright.  This part did not surprise me. due to the radiation and Chemo, I knew it was possible.
 However I am an unlikely candidate for heart issues. I never smoked, I eat healthy, I try to exercise, I am 5'5" and 126 pounds.

 So within ten minutes I had an appointment for a stress test - with some nuclear dye  so they can look at all my heart and arteries. (DID YOU KNOW -95% of woman who die of  a heart attack have harding of the arteries, that are undiagnosed ) This was one of my , you got my attention moments!

In a very short period of time I find I have some type of  neurological problem and possibly heart disease. This can not be, I feel better than I have years.

So I have had the stress test, it was at 7:45 am with no coffee. I never am up that early, ever  let alone up and  running on a tread mill. OMG. I have an appointment with a Dr. Curry at the University of Cincinnati. He is a Neuroscience/oncology specialtist. This is scheduled  for May 8.

I feel good, I think this Dr. Curry  will help me as I take this  side journey. Believe me this will not get me down or make me fragile. I will be at Christopher  and  Toni's wedding on the 11th, at The Wild Turkey Ranch in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Sep 21, 2012 ... In his new clinics, Dr. Richard Curry, above, is helping patients who suffer ... 234 Goodman Street Cincinnati, OH 45219 | (866) 941-UCNI (8264) ... patients in these clinics at the Barrett Center at UC Health University Hospital.


Thank you for reading my blog:)  P.S. I feel great!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Peter Deamon commented on your link.
Peter wrote: "You are my hero. I went through this journey as your partner and your confidant. I expected a broken dam of emotions from this journey but instead I witnessed strength, a focus on family and others in the same situation and a stature of "Class" that we could all hope to emulate in our hour of challenge or trial."

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Gray Hair

My BFs Kathy and Cheryl had a hair intervention with me my while we were all out together when we were out watching  the Reds on opening day.  Being a free spirit  I told them I did not care, but I would think about it <wink> A few days  ago  I updated my Face Book photo and was  blessed to get all of fabulous likes and  comments See  below. So far neither Kathy or Cheryl have responded to the e mail I sent them earlier to day. haha
This is the email I sent

My hair is staying as is, Kathy and Cheryl I appreciate  your suggestions ( about becoming a red head and letting my hair grow so I don't look like I am gay) and ideas for a hair makeover
 However I like it this was and so do a lot of others. I get complements everyday:)    I am a new person I feel better than I have felt in years and I am Happy - :) I like my hair and I like my new love of good draft beer. XO I love all of you very much.

Response from Kissy
You GO girl!!! I love it the way it is too!

Response from Sandy
Hey there,
Is that a response from comments on opening day or are they still giving
you shit?  I like it a lot and the one of the joys of aging is that we can
do, say or wear whatever we choose and tuff petunias to those who don't
like it.  Sandy

Response from Cheryl
Susan, I think you are very beautiful!!  You should do exactly what you want.  But if I were  XXXXX, I would want to sleep in your room at the beach.
Cheryl Mathews 

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 12:27 PM, <SUSANPI@aol.com> wrote:
  • https://www.facebook.com/GMALUU

    Louise Larson So, so pretty. Pete's one lucky guy. :-)
  • https://www.facebook.com/peter.deamon

    Peter Deamon I think you're up to something,,,sigh
  • https://www.facebook.com/melba.bjornson

    Melba S. Bjornson Lookin' good, Susan!
  • https://www.facebook.com/darlene.hollingsworth1

    Darlene Hollingsworth Looking Great. Love all that hair!!
  • https://www.facebook.com/GMALUU

    Louise Larson Women are always up to something. How do you think we know what men are doing?
  • https://www.facebook.com/deb.c.chowning

    Deb Collins Chowning You look beautiful. I love your hair!
  • https://www.facebook.com/SusanPI

    Susan Ward Thank you,:)
  • https://www.facebook.com/kathy.roza.3

    Kathy Farren Roza You are so beautiful..your smile!!..your HAIR is awesome <3
  • https://www.facebook.com/viola.hanks

    Viola Hanks Hi Susan, you look awesome. Luv the hair.
  • https://www.facebook.com/judithksachs

    Judy Koch Feth Sachs Great picture,look wonderful
  • https://www.facebook.com/corrine.c.sullivan

    Corrine Corky Sullivan Gosh darn you're a good lookin lady!
  • https://www.facebook.com/SusanPI

    Susan Ward Gosh thanks for all the nice comments
  • https://www.facebook.com/SusanPI

    Susan Ward Whoops I hit the send button to soon. I swore I would never have gray hair. The chemo gave me the gift of gray hair. Haha. Actually I feel better than I have felt in years. Happy and healthy:)

  • Thursday, April 4, 2013

    Genetic Cancer - Out with my girl friends

    THIS WEEK'S TOP STORY http://tracking.waterfrontmedia.com/nlsclick/t.aspx?k=204&d=2013/04/04&e=susanpi@aol.com&utp=&rd=http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/2013-living-with-cancer-conference-v ideo/MY02412/?utm_source=newsletter~amp~utm_medium=email~amp~utm_campaign=living-with-cancer~amp~pubDate=04/04/2013
    Living with Cancer patient conference videos available
    Find out about inheriting cancer, the environment and cancer, pancreatic cancer, alternative cancer therapies and more.
    Always tell all your Doctors about any cancer in your family,including skin leasions and polyps. Precancer = future cancer, if not treated. Send an email to your relatives, you might be surprised at what you find.
    Susan xo
    Opening Day 2013

    We had a great time "watching" (ha ha) the Reds playing the Angels.We met for lunch/ to get a table at  2 0' clock at  Game started at 4 0' clock  The game lasted for over- 10 innings. We eventually  left Newport On The Levy and headed to our favorite blues club Mansion Hill. Just like we were still in our 40's we kept going..I had some chili - the game was still on, so the band was not playing:(

     The four of us are in our fifty and sixty's - we chose to miss the band, it was afte 8 0'clock pm. So it was time to wake Peter up from his napping. He came to get me and filled me in on the Jodi Arias trial.
    It was a great day! It was wonderful to be out and about  with my girl friends and not be tired. Peter missed all the fun.


    Thursday, March 28, 2013

    Get to know the emotions that are common for cancer survivors

    Hello Everyone. It is Spring and I am doing great. I had a full bone body scan and no signs of cancer! A great report. I am on a different medication,  I am now taking  Arimidex. A recent study shows this is the best prevntive cancer  drug for woman that are post menopausal. This a good thing.
     I am not sure when they start counting the five year recovery mark. I completed the chemo eight months ago and I see Dr. Bandari every four months So it has been almost a year! Moving forward down the living with cancer life path with a smile and postive energy.

     Cincinnati Red's oppening day is Monday! Hopefully it will be warm enough and not raining so we can hang out with other Red's fans:)

    Have a great day!

    Managing your emotions after cancer treatment. This is an excellent article from the Mayo Clinic

    Get to know the emotions that are common for cancer survivors and how to manage your feelings. Find out what's normal and what indicates you should consider getting help.

    Living With Cancer

    Subscribe to our Living With Cancer e-newsletter to stay up to date on cancer topics.
    Sign up now
    When you began your cancer treatment, you couldn't wait for the day you'd finish. But now that you've completed your treatment, you aren't sure if you're ready for life after treatment as a cancer survivor. With your treatment completed, you'll likely see your cancer care team less often. Though you, your friends and your family are all eager to return to a more normal life, it can be scary to leave the protective cocoon of doctors and nurses who supported you through treatment.
    Everything you're feeling right now is normal for cancer survivors. Recovering from cancer treatment isn't just about your body — it's also about healing your mind. So take time to acknowledge the fear, grief and loneliness you're feeling right now. Then take steps to understand why you feel these emotions and what you can do about them.

    Fear of recurrence in cancer survivors

    Fear of recurrence is very common in cancer survivors. Though they may go years without any sign of disease, cancer survivors say the thought of recurrence is always with them. You might worry that every ache or pain is a sign of your cancer recurring. Eventually these fears will fade, though they may never go away completely.
    Cope with your fear by being honest with yourself about your feelings. Try not to feel guilty about your feelings or ignore them in hopes that they'll go away. Ask your doctor about what you can do to reduce your chance of a cancer recurrence. Once you've done all you can to reduce that risk, acknowledge your fears. Take control of those fears and do what you can to influence your future health. Try to:
    • Take care of your body. Focus on keeping yourself healthy. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fit exercise into your day. Go easy at first, but try to increase the intensity and amount of exercise you get as you recover. Get enough sleep so that you wake feeling refreshed. These actions may help your body recover from cancer treatment and also help put your mind at ease by giving you a greater sense of control over your life.
    • Go to all of your follow-up appointments. You may fear the worst when it's time for your next follow-up appointment. Don't let that stop you from going. Use the time with your doctor to ask questions about any signs or symptoms that worry you. Write down your concerns and discuss them at your next appointment. Ask about your risk of recurrence and what signs and symptoms to watch for. Knowing more may help you feel more in control.
    • Be open about your fears. Express your concerns to your friends, family, other cancer survivors, and your doctor or a counselor. If you're uncomfortable with the idea of discussing your fears, try recording your thoughts in a journal.
    • Keep busy. Get out of the house and find activities that will take your mind off your fears.
    Most cancer survivors report that the fear of recurrence fades with time. But certain events can trigger your fears. The feelings might be especially strong before follow-up visits to your doctor or the anniversary of your cancer diagnosis.

    Stress in cancer survivors

    When you were diagnosed with cancer, you might have focused completely on your treatment and getting healthy. Now that you've completed treatment, all those projects around the house and the things on your to-do list are competing for your attention. This can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed.
    Don't feel you need to do everything at once. Take time for yourself as you establish a new daily routine. Try exercising, talking with other survivors and taking time for activities you enjoy.

    Depression and anxiety in cancer survivors

    Lingering feelings of sadness and anger can interfere with your daily life. For many people these feelings will dissipate. But for others, these feelings can develop into depression.
    Tell your doctor about your feelings. If needed, you can be referred to someone who can help you through talk therapy, medication or both. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment are keys to successfully overcoming depression.

    Cancer survivors: Managing your emotions after cancer treatment

    Self-consciousness in cancer survivors

    If surgery or other treatment changed your appearance, you might feel self-conscious about your body. Changes in skin color, weight gain or loss, the loss of a limb, or the placement of an ostomy might make you feel like you'd rather stay home, away from other people. You might withdraw from friends and family. And self-consciousness can strain your relationship with your partner if you don't feel worthy of love or affection.
    Take time to grieve. But also learn to focus on the ways cancer has made you a stronger person and realize that you're more than the scars that cancer has left behind. When you're more confident about your appearance, others will feel more comfortable around you.

    Loneliness in cancer survivors

    You might feel as if others can't understand what you've been through, which makes it hard to relate to other people and can lead to loneliness. Friends and family might be unsure of how to help you, and some people may even be afraid of you because you've had cancer.
    Don't deal with loneliness on your own. Consider joining a support group with other cancer survivors who are having the same emotions you are. Contact your local chapter of the American Cancer Society for more information. Or try an online message board for cancer survivors, such as the American Cancer Society's Cancer Survivors Network.

    Where to go for help

    While experiencing any of these emotions is normal, that doesn't mean you have to do it alone. If you find that your feelings are overwhelming you or interfering with your everyday life, it's a good idea to consider getting some help.
    Sometimes talking with friends or family can help. But you might feel like those people can't truly understand what you're going through if they haven't had cancer. You might consider consulting:
    • A therapist. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a professional who can help you sort through your emotions and come up with ways to deal with your feelings.
    • Other cancer survivors. Support groups, whether in your community or online, provide a great place to share your feelings and hear from others who are going through what you're experiencing. You can learn new ways of coping with fears.
    Devise your own plan for coping with your emotions. You know what works best for you. Have an open mind and try different strategies to find out what works best for you.