Thursday, May 2, 2013

You got my attention!

April 29.2013

Today I went  to see my family Dr. - only because she told if I did not come in she would not refill my prescriptions. We all know how that goes,. Peter went with me and I had a list of two items to ask her about.

1. Why do my hands shake all the time -( I have assumed it is because of all the hell my body has been through)

2. That I thought I was having some rapid heart beats and tightness  in my chest ( I am not sure if that is spelled correctly)

She questioned me a bit than started looking at my eyes ,ears and throat. After the awww thing she stopped. She stated your tongue is even shaking, your whole body is shaking. She wanted to know how was I able to sleep at night! LOL Well, I did not know my body was shaking and I take drugs to sleep!  So what is wrong?  Not sure- likely the chemo. I have all the symptoms of  Parkinson disease, except I am not stiff. So she does not think that Parkinson's is the problem. I am certain that I do not have Parkinson's.   I am also having some trouble with my speech :(.

My heart sounded alright, she ran an EKG , which only takes 30 seconds and transfers immediately to my chart. Ok- unfortunately it was not alright.  This part did not surprise me. due to the radiation and Chemo, I knew it was possible.
 However I am an unlikely candidate for heart issues. I never smoked, I eat healthy, I try to exercise, I am 5'5" and 126 pounds.

 So within ten minutes I had an appointment for a stress test - with some nuclear dye  so they can look at all my heart and arteries. (DID YOU KNOW -95% of woman who die of  a heart attack have harding of the arteries, that are undiagnosed ) This was one of my , you got my attention moments!

In a very short period of time I find I have some type of  neurological problem and possibly heart disease. This can not be, I feel better than I have years.

So I have had the stress test, it was at 7:45 am with no coffee. I never am up that early, ever  let alone up and  running on a tread mill. OMG. I have an appointment with a Dr. Curry at the University of Cincinnati. He is a Neuroscience/oncology specialtist. This is scheduled  for May 8.

I feel good, I think this Dr. Curry  will help me as I take this  side journey. Believe me this will not get me down or make me fragile. I will be at Christopher  and  Toni's wedding on the 11th, at The Wild Turkey Ranch in Lebanon, Tennessee.
Sep 21, 2012 ... In his new clinics, Dr. Richard Curry, above, is helping patients who suffer ... 234 Goodman Street Cincinnati, OH 45219 | (866) 941-UCNI (8264) ... patients in these clinics at the Barrett Center at UC Health University Hospital.

Thank you for reading my blog:)  P.S. I feel great!

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