Friday, March 23, 2012

The Knitted Frog Prepared for Surgery

This knitted frog is cool - I think he is ready for surgery!
March 23,2012
 Melba and I are heading to my favorite place, St Elizabeth Hospital ya! I am having a full body/bone scan and CT of my lungs. Yes this does just go on and on.
 I have been blessed with chemo caps that from my knitting friends! I will be the the hat queen of the chemo room.... guess there might be some compation, everybody might be wearing hats!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beryl's Journey With Breast Cancer: Weep No More - An Art Quilt

Beryl's Journey With Breast Cancer: Weep No More - An Art Quilt: Thus is an Art Quilt I designed in 2007 called "Weep No More."  This represents those who have survived breast cancer .

Good news today!!!

Robin left for OSU on Monday to begin another round of chemo and experimental drugs. This was in hopes to get the cancer in remission so that she could begin the bone marrow transplant process. The fact that she would have to go in to the rigorous and dangerous process of a bone marrow transplant weakened by this round of chemo was daunting and very concerning. They didn’t even know if they would be able to get the cancer in remission by doing this. It was definitely not an “ideal” scenario.

However, yesterday we received the most wonderful news. Her cancer had Miraculously gone in to remission on its own. There is no explanation. Her immune system fought it off!! The doctors were both perplexed and thrilled. They ran the test 4 times and 6 different doctors looked at it! There was NO sign of cancer in her bone marrow. She will now get to spend the next two weeks gaining strength and stamina at home with her boys before returning to OSU for the transplant.  This revelation greatly increases her prognosis for a successful transplant

Monday, March 19, 2012

First Day With The Chemo DR.

March 19, 2012
Peter and I have had a busy day. We had my weekly visit Dr Vaschi. He added some
more saline to the "ace" expanders that I have on my chest. He uses a needle (I have two ports) and they pump it in. Kind of like pumping up a tire.
Then we went to visit Cincinnati Hematology- Oncology, to meet with Dr. Bhandari. This was a very informative consolation. He talked about how aggressive this cancer had been (he said HAD) He has ordered a full body scan, bone scan and CT scan of my lungs.. Just to make sure all of my body is cancer free. He said they need to watch my lungs, if it would reappear the lungs could be a target. This is just a precaution before they start the chemo. He wants to make sure he has the right treatment plan. After the chemo they redo these scans.
This is a big relief, I am a positive thinker but it does concern me a bit - what about the rest of my body it is scary. Dr. Bhanadri is going to take care of everything!
He has two drugs that I will receive over a 16 week period Cytoxan this is classified as an "alkylating agent"and Taxotere is classified as a "plant alkaloid, a taxene and a antimicrotuble agent". This is given with a pre medication for three days, a corticosteroid pill , starting the day before treatment. There are many side effects :(
The good thing is the breast cancer if out of my body and I am right on plan - for attending Indian Market in Santa Fe with Jenny and Beth the end of August:)

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Favorite Artist

 Our Granddaughters Tasha and Sydney  create wonderful art work:)

Meet Me At The Center of The Earth

Today I feel GOOD!!!!

Yesterday I went with Janet ( the President of Knitwits) to the Cincinnati Museum of Art. to see an incredible show of Chicago based artist Nick Cave. The exhibit is where the visual and Performing arts  collide ! Wow it was great. Fiber art  is used to create what Nick calls life size sound suits? The sound suits that are currently on mannequins. Thou Nick has been been pictured wearing these costumes evocative of African, Mardi Gras, religious cermonial costumes, and haute couture, they address issues of ritual, myth and identity.
For my artistic friends  take a look

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I got the WIG!

Yesterday I went and got the wig!  So the wig thing is done.  It looks like my real hair.  I am still not wild about the whole idea. I am not wild about loosing my hair either., but you just got to do what you got to do! Guess I will get used to the idea.

 I also got a great goodie bag while I was there from the Chris Collinsworth Foundation.  It has everything I could possible need while I am visiting the chemo room! A blanket, a mug, three books, a pen, a note pad, and even pink cozy socks. All I will need is my knitting.

Please keep my niece Robin in your thoughts and prayers .  Her journey with leukemia is critical.  We are hoping for a remission and then a successful bone marrow transplant.  She has 2 young children and is a wonderful young woman. She needs lots of positive energy.

Quote from one of my books in my new goodie bag:

We must stop thinking of cancer in whispers, as if it is something shameful. For when it is brought out into the brilliant light of the day it seems to shrink, to pull back, to diminish
YestPerday 's

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Recovery and Reconstruction

March 03, 2012
No rhyme or reason - part of my  reconstruction surgery was the placement of expanders which are a charming device that has a port in the middle of mesh material this is a pocket surrounded by a metal frame. This is a bit like a balloon which will slowly will  be filled with saline solution. The purpose is to stretch the skin. If the tissue survives and is healthy, the expander will be replaced with a  breast implant, eventually, after I complete the chemo. This means  one more surgery.

The good thing is  this contraption will be gone! The result oo la la natural and youthful bosom.  Of course this skin/tissue has  been or will be through a massive amount is stress. Like seven surgeries in the last four and a half years and thirty radiation treatments. All this in that one little breast. Still to come four  to five months of chemo. This is a lot of stress for this  63 year old skin. I am very lucky though I have been blessed with a magical ability to heal fast.  My Dr.'s are hopeful  I will not need to have any transplant of tissue from other parts of my body. :)

The not so comfortable expanders are a pain as I am healing.  These little foreign things  create pressure which has turned in to a constant nagging pain.  On top of this I  have what feels like a pinched nerve or shingles pain. This is severe pain - thank goodness it is not constant. It does slow me down. Dr. Vashi has assured me this will eventually go away.  Oh well, when you have cancer you just deal with all this crap!