Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My faithful watch dog

Hidden Message?

Hey Everybody

 A couple months ago - my watch dog was barking, her someone is here bark, I looked out and noticed that there was a pink semi parked next door. Than Someone knocked on my back door, disregarding Sugar's attempt to protect me.  A gray haired and bearded man had stopped by for a visit. He said you want to get rid of the VW car in the driveway? My response was no  I am saving it for my Grandson. He sort of wanted to make his point. You called me and said you wanted $150  for it and I am here to pick it up. My comment,  I did not call you, he said well someone did how else would I know you had the car.... I suggested maybe a prank call other wise I have no idea and if I was going to sell it would be for a lot more that $150 - the car is in good shape! He stood there for a few moments and looked at me and my bald head. Than he left.
 After a few days I realized I knew him. His name was Ken Kallmeyer. I knew him  from 30 years  ago. I worked at the bank in the collection department, which involved repoing cars. (long before the show repo man) Ken had a  towing business and we used him to pickup cars. Hmmm strange.
I was a bit concerned about this guy coming to my door with this made up story. A good reason to keep the doors locked.  However  I got over it. Out of site out of mind.

Now days we do not always see the obituaries, or at least I don't as I get all  my news on line. We get a little local paper "Kenton County Recorder". I happened to notice Ken's name - he had died. I had the strangest feeling when I saw this .  He was 71.  His wife had died previously and  the family requested donations to the The Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Breast Cancer Foundation, often referred to as simply Komen, which is the most widely known cancer foundation.
I think this explains why Ken had a pink semi truck, his wife died of breast cancer. Why did he wind up at my backdoor - I am not sure. I feel there was a hidden message, guess I will never know exactly. I think he wanted me to keep fighting not just for myself but also for others.. A great guy  and he drove around in a pink semi! Rest in peace Ken:)
Here is my health update. I feel great!. Last week I had one of those dreaded colonscopys. I had to cross my fingers and hope for the best - that worked everything was good. So I am good for another  five years. A very good thing. I still see my oncologist Dr Bandari every three months. I had a blood test yesterday. I meet with Dr Bandari  on the 17th. I see Dr. Michael Guenther (my surgical oncologist) ever six months. I have been taking the drug tamoxifen , I do know that there has been a recent study showing that there is another drug that is more effect that I will be taking soon. ( at blocking cancer cells) with post menopausal woman at high risk for reoccurrence. So everything is in control!   I am postive  life is good:) Peter and I are good. I am beating the crap out of this cancer!!!