Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A. Wonderful world

Dancing with the stars. Valerie Harper what an inspiration she's dancing , tonight it is the season finale of the show as it comes to an end she fills me full of hope and faith and strength she keeps dancing she keeps hoping she shares with us. What an incredible performance. Valerie is an incredible woman she's just amazing , Valerie I love you.

As I prepare myself and Peter prepares himself for out new journey to Mayo Clinic on December 30 I have to say that tonight Valerie has lite a flame for me flame of hope . God dammit the strength I need to keep fighting I will   I will never ever give up I am a fighter I'm going to fight this I'm going to come home and enjoy my retired life and my new home with my wonderful husband. I am going and I will be over this health crisis. Be prepared  the old Susan will be back :)

Why else would I go to the best hospital in the world ? I'm going to get better and get rid of this fluid around my braiin and come home and be happy and spend a whole bunch of time in Palm Springs with my brothers Tom and Clyde!        Yes am inviting myself!

I have fired the contractor who has been working on the house in Covington. I called my dear old friend Ron Ziegler and he's going to help me he and his son and crew - there going to come and help us get our rehab done . So Peter and I can move. I am ready to move .

So please consider  this a pre entry into
Berylsjourneywithbreastcancer.blogspot.com/  I will faithfully lead you. Step by step as I enter the halls of Mayo clinic.

Happy Holidays. Life is good , I have the best friends and family. I also have the greatest knitting group that truly cares about me. See you soon XOXO